30 January 2019


A school in Cyberjaya which enrolls refugee children were unable to meet their rent since August 2018. The total overdue rent totals to about RM40,000. Failing to pay the overdue amount by 8 February will affect 100 students, about 80 of which are refugees, who are currently studying there. The Mutiara Aman School Cyberjaya opened its door in late 2017 with the focus of providing affordable education based on the GCSE curriculum to the local community. Being an area with many refugees, where the children do not have access to formal education, the refugee parents, mostly from Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, decided to enroll their children there. Those who are unable to pay the school fee are provided with a free education while some pay only a partial amount based on how much the parents can afford. Only about ten students pay the full fee of RM450 per month. The school operational expenses include a monthly rent of RM13,000 for the building where they have their classes. Since August 2018, they were not able to make any payment. On 23 January 2019, the school was served with a lawyer's notice to vacate their premise by 11 February 2019 if they fail to make the payment for the overdue rent of RM40,560. The school is currently teaching a blended-mode curriculum that consists of Islamic studies and the GCSE curriculum, preparing the children to be on par with international students without compromising their Islamic worldview. According to the founder, Ustadh Abdullah Mohamad, some of the refugee children have not attended school for years due to conflict, and some even have lost their connection with the Qur'an because there weren't any proper education. Through the school's curriculum, the children are taught to read the Qur'an with proper tajweed, and the teachers help them to reintegrate into schooling life, reigniting their passion for knowledge. Ustadh Abdullah, an education professional of 13 years, started the school under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Hasni Mohammed, an education consultant for Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Malaysian Ministry of Education, and who is also the CEO of ADNI Islamic School. #savetheschool #sedekah #jariah | via Instagram http://bit.ly/2sW5osW

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