31 August 2018


Ahlan bikum.. ALHAMDULILLAH we safely back to Kuala Lumpur after 2 weeks perform the #5rukun Islam. And it's been an incredible adventure beyond others, with my brother @rifkeebanafee and sisters @zahidarafik and nasima. Alhamdulillah #barakah we met many new friends ,old friends, relatives and barakah jamaah. Barakah DOA and support from my beloved brother @shakibbanafee who never gave up , giving me strength to go, regardless how would I be looked after my haj. Furthermore, hidayah come step by step, in improving ourselves. The most important thing must do with ikhlas for the Almighty. The journey was full of positive incidences , minus the negative (nothing is perfect) #thinkinghusnuzhon, and task was completed in ease and convenient. Million thanks to my dear friends #ahmadsultan #nazmigemilang #radzi and mutawif ustaz Zack and suheir and razif for your patience and understanding. Till we meet again and it was a pleasure to do Haj this year 2018. Alhamdulillah. | via Instagram http://bit.ly/2osvAcw

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