20 August 2016


My dear baby #juliadargus.. Inside me was your brother #babydeandargus. The last time I had that slim body even after birth. What a change.. Really hard to lose after my second one. This is what we call it big big sacrifice when u r pressured to look good for your husband and career. Really really.. No words could describe my feeling, when I meet old friends they tell me 'wow Betty.. U are big now..' in other words 'gemuk'. Haha.. I take it positively, planning to control my diet and exercise better, and tone my body.. And I hope @bodytonestudio @joneslam6463 won't give up easily to help me out to achieve my ideal weight. I just want to be healthy and fit again. Thank you to my family and my dear friends especially @umieaida818 who gave me wake up call to do something.. Thank you sayang.. Really really appreciate that. Love u all... | via Instagram http://bit.ly/2b5XSVL

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