01 August 2016


Those are seniors in my career. Amelia was the TV presenter when I first knew her.. Humble and still in touch till now. Sekejap hilang sekejap timbul, bila berjumpa riuh rendah kakakku ni. Im so glad meeting u sis. Keep in touch with this beautiful friendship.. We have our own special beautiful friendship close to 20 years. U have known me when I was not even enter in this industry. U saw me fresh in d University.. Appreciate this friendship.. A lot to learn for me to be wiser. And to u Kuza..always gave me an inspiration to be better and u such a ahli syurga InsyaAllah.. I'm so glad be surrounded with these beautiful people. I won't miss this opportunity to express my feeling coz this Dunia is only temporary for us. I want u to know that I do respect u n love u Dunia akhirat. Thanks sweethearts. #raya2016 #eidmubarak #syukurselalu #eratkansiraturahim #syukurselalu | via Instagram http://bit.ly/2anGx5C

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