30 July 2016


I know that I'm FAT.. Luckily not OBESE. I remember said this to one of my friend that I have not seen her quite awhile. It hurts her when I said.. Babe.. U r puting weight now., fat'. She was unhappy and she said to me that age makes her that. God is great, pay me in cash. I got it right after my second baby birth. I feel sorry for her and myself and whoever I might hurt their feeling with intention or without, by saying that. I'M SORRY DEAR ALL. Thus, I made a decision to get help from @bodytonestudio. It's hard to be seen as big as now as I never be this big before. I feel heavy and tired to hear everybody come to me and remind me of my change of weight. It's true I feel heavy to walk and to climb. I only got to loose 15kg for my ideal weight. I can't imagine those who are bigger than me to face the everyday life. To be humiliated, to have double standard. Moreover , I refuse to be negative feel sad n give up, I have #jones to help me to achieve an ideal weight for me. Not to be skinny Ya.. But I want to TONE my body.. I want to be healthy . Thanks for your time and effort Jones. And thanks for Christine who help me up. Im gonna do this.. May God permit this. Amin. InsyaAllah. #nothingisimpossible #bodytonestudio #toneissexy | via Instagram http://bit.ly/2aDehBU

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