12 June 2016


I don't feel awkward to be in Brunei. You can see all the JAWI writing almost every where. Glad I know how to read and to write. I used to write my diary in JAWI writing when I was in the University in Selangor long time ago. I noticed that people out of Johor not many can read JAWI writing.. During my time growing in jb, sekolah agama kinda wajib. Also sekolah Arab was so near to my house. (Private school). So I'm free to use it. If in jb, not free la coz most of JOHOREAN can read JAWI. even the ex prime minister of spore, The Late Sir Lee Kwan Yuu, that I was told can read JAWI and read JAWI. Amazing. Bravo Brunei for implementing that. Those only be implemented during our granddad n grandma time.. Every where in Brunei, billboard, Jalan, passport all have romanize and JAWI. Almaklumlah.. First time Kan.. Hehehe.. | via Instagram http://bit.ly/21eK2Qd

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