26 January 2016


happy birthday to Abang Long, Dato Jenal ;) , wpun your lucky number asik menaik je, rupamu pulak yang asik termuda je. hehe.. just wanna share what i feel about you bro.. u r such a great abang long to me especially, and my cousin @diana_callaghan in kL as we both living alone without family around here. a person who I can call anytime urgent, who always share help and thought. I pray for your happiness and to get a sakinah #soulmate one day..amin. last but not least to my beloved cousin @diana_callaghan , sisters YATI and KAK OGIE, happy belated birthday sayang, though I hardly join the GET together singbles group.. you guyswill always in my special heart. I feel blessed to have all instant brothers and sisters.. love u deep deep k..mwah.. | via Instagram http://bit.ly/1QxwY6v

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