05 December 2015


julia darling.. there are bad people out there. when you grow up we a will share with you all our experience dealing with people who live to create fitnah and pulling people down because of agony, arrogant and HASAD. one thing that mommy's late father advice is ... ' BEFORE YOU HATE SOMEONE , REMEMBER OF THEIR KINDNESS FIRST' THINK... that's what jiddu bakar Allahyarhamu always ask mommy to forget and forgive.. its not easy to do it, but mommy always try my best. mommy daddy will protect you , we are strong family .. Insya-Allah and daddy's advice is to trust in Allah and your family to do what is right in life and in business love you baby sayang @juliabettybanafe | via Instagram http://bit.ly/1m1w9Xd

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