06 June 2015

PM NAJIB Listen to Tun M, Stop the TPPA! Forced Trade with Israel, GMO, Teknologi & Economica Penaklukan!!!

Annexation of Asian Nations by Western Powers
This political cartoon shows how New Zealand has been subjugated by the TPP Agreement (Trans-Pacific Partership) that Najib and the government are supporting! It is a secretly-negotiated trade agreement that allows foreign companies (Oil and Gas giants, U.S. Intellectual Property Owners, GMO Genetically Modified Food monsters like Monsanto) to sue the Malaysian government if it gets in the way of “free trade”, but “free trade” in this instance means “allowing an economic takeover of all Malaysian resources both human and natural.

Economic Takeover
It is an economic invasion which will result in the annexation of not only Malaysia, but all other Asian nations considering signing away their countries for the paltry “U.S. Visa Waiver Program” and “access to U.S. markets” in exchange.

Forced Trade with Israel
The TPP will also make it ILLEGAL for Malaysia to boycott Israeli goods, and they will have direct access to our Malaysian markets and will be able to sell their goods freely in Malaysia - meaning we will be funding the slaughter of Palestinians!

Telecommunications & Internet Data-Sovereignty

It will also NOT require companies like Google or Facebook to keep Malaysian private data within the borders of Malaysia, but will allow it to be taken to the UNITED STATES and other nations' spies to process, store, and analyze.

Malaysia Government is Negotiating this Deal with the United States in Secrecy
This “deal” is being negotiated without ANY input from the people of Malaysia, when it affects all of us forever including our children and their children's children!!! This is not what we want! Stop it Najib! Listen to Tun M! The TPP is the bill of sale for the rights to all Malaysia's wealth and independence!

More information here:
Concerned Malaysians, take notice and inform your MPs! Your children's children will thank you!


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