19 May 2015


To @errafazira @bersamaerra juga @partyrepublicservices gina.. Thanks for the lovely deco and erra ur ex factor is just speechless.. Larian yang hebat.. Tq sayang erra.. I know u r extremly busy still have time to launch our event.. And our official photographer @littlestars_photography.. Ur commitment just awesome.. Gambar cantik sangat. Thank u sayangs!!!! By @juliabettybanafe "Hi-Tea Hot & Shine 2015 Launch Julia Betty & Asha Karim @juliabettybanafe @bettybanafe Exclusive photo by : @littlestars_photography Liveupdate by : @littlestars_photography Decoration by : @partyrepublicservices Vaneu : @floraterrace_hampshire #LittleStarsPhotography #littlestarsartwork #juliabettyashakarim" via @PhotoRepost_app | via Instagram http://bit.ly/1PTPr8P

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