05 December 2014


Counting hours now.. #juliabettybirthday.. Thank you @epietemerloh87 for this lovely awesome make up.. Love ur jari jemari kreativiti... Fast and awesome job.. #Alhamdulillah.. Hair color @ridzokumura.. Thank you ridz for the color.. Makes me feel fresh.. Lama tak color cam tu.. And to @shawncutlerbangsar.. Thanks paris for the hair do... #tanpadirimusiapalaaku.. Last but not least.. Thank you to team julia betty for the arrangement of the blast party for julia terutama kak su peah and #partyrepublicservices @ginasheikh.. Tak sabar niiiii.. Hehehe and to my cinta hati @bruce.dargus.. U r everything.. Mwah | via Instagram http://bit.ly/1tWF3l0

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