24 April 2014

Obama visit Malaysia?? Uuff.. Pinewood Studios in Malaysia?

Tak terhenti otak ku memikirkan apa yang dibincangkan kan di tv3,tentang hubungan Amerika dan Malaysia. Subuh tadi punya la panjang aku berkomentar di ig hampir sejam lebih, bila nak upload tak boleh, Pastu reset and hilang semua yang I tulis. No prob.. Just straight to the point of that komentar by that professor amat amat mengejutkan. Professor kept talking about big American markets for Malaysian goods… and better relations between our countries, but he only looked at the financial aspect - he didn’t look at the cultural impact, or what the US plan for the region is. Scary right? After 48 years, baru Amerika nak datang lagi ke Malaysia pasal, apa? Obama? Peperangan di Ukraine Palestine Syria and etc. Sampai baby yang tak berdosa pon di bunuh yang di anggap ancaman pada mereka. Lagi kes kehilangan misteri mh370 yang awal nya dikatakan being hijacked. Now senyap je.. Professor juga ada berkomentar tentang Ukraine tapi terlalu ringkas. Dan kes Syria, palentine itu katanya masalah negara biar mereka selesaikan sendiri.. Baik sungguh hati prof bila berhujah tentang Amerika. Banyak lagi I nak berkongsi.. Pls visit my website.. Bettybanafe.com | via Instagram http://bit.ly/1hpcIlm

  Let's me put it in point form.. 
  • Don’t meant to offend anyone. 
  • First US President to visit Malaysia in 48 years…  why now? After MH370? Strange timing.. Look at the headline: “Workshop participants keen to learn of US president’s vision for ASEAN”… shouldn’t we be more concerned with the ASEAN people's vision for our own region [http://bit.ly/1ihqubz]
  • Professor kept talking about big American markets for Malaysian goods… and better relations between our countries, but he only looked at the financial aspect - he didn’t look at the cultural impact, or what the US plan for the region is. I waited and waited for him to talk about the history of America till Obama time.  Like Malay proverb says..  Sediakan payung sebelum hujan..  Learn to read in between the line. And try to guess their hidden agenda. 
  • America works through NATO and other international bodies it controls to secretly sabotage, economically ruin, and often invade countries all over the world. Examples since the world trade center attacks in New York on September 11, 2001 include Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Haiti, Somalia, Egypt, Iran, and more recently Ukraine [http://bit.ly/1fi6Pnz]. Good try for America using AlQaeeda as their tools to accuse other country for no reason and declare war.  AlQaeeda is bullshit.. 
  • America supports Israel with weapons that are used to kill Palestinians every day. America also supports Israel with VETO power at the United Nations going against the will of the majority of other nations on earth. Malaysians have spoken loud and clear: we do not recognize Israel, and do not want their people or influence here.
  • Tun Mahathir did a good job protecting our nation.. it is not easy to survive as a small, NON-NUCLEAR power in this modern world. Common guys.. They never like Tun M.  Why?  Figure it Pls.. 
  • Hollywood movies are mind controlling… they destroy the family and promote selfishness and a lack of morality - have you ever really thought about what messages they are teaching your children through their films? I watched diva on astro also propaganda Zionist. Now there are plans to bring Hollywood propaganda to Malaysia… they are building Pinewood Studios here. See the image below. Gosh! 
  • American NGO ‘human rights watch’ has published a 102 page report on how many ‘human rights abuses’ the Malaysian police commit. Remember that the invasions of many countries have been disguised as ‘humanitarian efforts’ justified by supposed ‘human rights abuses’ http://bit.ly/1gSZr0Z  They also insult the police by saying that they would rather 'arrest infants' than find the missing MH370 http://bit.ly/1fvS56u.The whole thing is a set up.
  • Bill Gates, the billionaire technocrat founder of Microsoft has been visiting ASEAN and giving free vaccines to the children in Indonesia.

    His vaccination program has also been linked to at least 47,500 cases of paralysis in Indian children [http://youtu.be/ryrLZMiVWbA and http://bit.ly/1hnAJtj

    Prince Charles of the UK has been doing the same in the Philippines. [http://cnn.it/1fCUrNl]

    And Al Gore has his eyes set on Africa [http://bit.ly/1k9XK2Y]

    Why? After watching this video on YouTube, you might have a better idea: [http://youtu.be/fI1DRGcSets]
    REDUCE THE WORLD POPULATION!!  Why? To many people to many wealth to share. How?  Give free vaccination to help the social health association for the next generation not growing.  Besides that they produce food that contains GMO (genetically modified organism).  So far what I know this company is doing it. It called Monsanto Cooperation. American company creating freakish genetic crossbreeds like goats+spiders and cows+pigs. 
    Nothing in this life is free… some of you may have heard the tale of the Trojan Horse [http://bit.ly/1k8AFgY]… which was a deceptive gift used by the greeks in the Trojan War.. we must learn history so that we do not repeat or fall victim to it.

    Bill Gates has also been promoting very dangerous GMO foods [http://youtu.be/csSw3fYnICc] and is a major shareholder of Monsanto Corporation [http://youtu.be/eUd9rRSLY4A]… but I will talk about that in another post.

  • Hope all my fellow Malaysians can keep a clear mind when thinking about these things, and also to pay attention to International politics more… there is a big world outside Malaysia and unfortunately not everyone is as peaceful as we are. We must be vigilant.


Mplicit said...

Beautiful AND intelligent. I truly am blessed.

anneabdullah said...

Good job babe!!

QARIN QISTINA Gilbert said...

assalamualaikum betty,
saya amat sayu dengan gambar baby ini. boleh tak betty bagi tau, betty ambil nya dari mana and baby ini dari negara mana. terima kasih.