12 January 2013

Terribly Sad News. .. our beloved Amati Fatmah has passed away, may God grant her peace

Seriously. . I don't know how to explain how I felt when later that same evening I received a call from my brother Rifki.  My brother told me our beloved aunty (amati) Fatmah had fallen down in the bathroom of our house in Johor, while she was preforming wudhuk. Amati was in her 80's and had become quite frail in her old age. Just last year she broke her hip and had fallen several times, despite all our precautions. However, she had recovered so I prayed that this time too she would soon be feeling well again.

My brothers rushed her to the hospital immediately as we were all afraid that she could have internal bleeding in her head and thought, that she might have suffered a stroke. I could not control my tears. I didn't know what to do! It was already so late and Johor is almost three and half hours away. My brothers said that Amati was in good hands and better if we went to Johor in the morning. Bruce and I decided that we would leave KL for Johor first thing in the morning. Throughout the night we got updates from my family, who told us that Amati had indeed had a stroke and was now in a coma.

My husband's grandfather also in his 80's had a stroke a number of years ago and he recovered from it well... I prayed that God would again allow her to recover.

Early the following morning Bruce received a call from my brother Rifky, he then handed the phone to me and Rifky told me that our dearly beloved Amati had been called to God.  Inalillahi wainalillahi rajiun. Although this was God's will, my heart was broken.

We arrived in Johor in time to see Amati before her burial. It was a very sad occasion but I thank God that he allowed us to share in the life of this gentle soul and that we got to kiss her farewell. May Allah grant her paradise for she was a true believer.

Allahyarhamah hjh Fatmah banafe with her beloved aunty allahyarham  ibu Som a month before her aunty  passed away.

she began to sob the moment she was reunited with her aunty and her  family from pahang and pekan baru indonesia and johore.

My beloved aunt aka mother to me. glad to have her in our life, live n eat in the same roof for years. thank you GOD for this precious moment that we had with her.
A moment with cousin Diana Callaghan when she pays a visit.
Lovely moment with Zharida Anuar and Diana Callaghan with almarhum Fatmah Banafee.
Unforgettable memories in 1980's with her beloved late brother allahyarham hj Abu Bakar and our ex staff at Banafee Restaurant at Jalan Segget.
umi tik(spore) and lubnah hara hara (indonesia)
pay a visit to halem mat som's family on hari raya
Visiting my lovely abouya Tan Sri Hassan Alazhari and family. love his jokes and his voice.

amati favorite adopted daughter sharifah Huda al Junid.
Bruce and Amati on the day of our Nikkah.


zarif abdulhak said...

Al-Fatihah... Please accept my condolences for the loss of your beloved Amati.

Betty Banafe said...

Thank you for your prayer +zarif abdulhak, God bless you.

abang ensem said...


AmyzkO Ishak said...

Al-Fatihah..salam takziah dr sy sekeluarga...moga akak lebih kuat n tabah k..sesungguhnye Allah lebih mnyayangi Amati...semoga roh nye dcucuri rahmat dan ditmpat kan dgn golongan yg beriman...

Ibuhani said...

alfatihah.....smoga amati fatmah ditmptkn bersm org2 yg beriman.....amin....