13 January 2013

Kenduri Arwah Fatmah Banafee

The children from the mosque arrived before many of the other mourners.

This was the third day of mourning after the passing of my auntie Fatmah.. we've had many visitors come to give their condolences and to share memories of our late auntie. In Malaysia, we call this 'kenduri'.

Some orphaned children from a local mosque also came to say prayers for our beloved amati. People of all ages came, the men prayed for her soul and an easy passage into heaven. The kids were very cute, some of them have memorized all of the Yasin. Time has passed so quickly... it reminds me of my siblings and I when we were young, with our late father.

My mother in law aka Mumzie was playing with the orphans and they seemed to enjoy the attention. It was a somber occasion, but reminded us that we are all part of a grand cycle of life... some die, some are born... and those that leave are left in our hearts.


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sarah lidia said...

Im very sorry to hear on the passing of yr amati dear..may Allah SWT place her among those who are pious..ameen!!